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Sports nutrition, its purpose and goals

The term “sports nutrition” is known to all. Largely due to a wide range of dietary supplements, which are sold in specialty stores. Geynera, powdered proteins, amino acids, even fish oil and special carbohydrate pills – all this is called sports nutrition. There is another meaning. Under the sports nutrition understand and a special diet, which should adhere to people who are seriously involved in sports.

Sports nutrition as dietary supplements: why and who will do?
Food supplements and, above all, proteins and gainers are necessary for a quick set of muscle mass, preservation of cartilage tissues and ligaments, help the body in the processing of food. A person who plays sports is forced to consume more calories, and with them – proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. In his body, the need for individual substances increases, and it is difficult to satisfy this need with ordinary products.

A typical example is bodybuilders or powerlifters. Success in such sports depends on the size of the muscle mass, its percentage of adipose tissue. And in order to build muscle, athletes must consume more protein foods – protein, splitting, turns into amino acids, which serve as building material for muscle cells. In order to consume a sufficient amount of protein, an athlete is forced to eat more than a kilogram of meat per day, no less than a liter of milk, consume 5-10 eggs. His stomach just can not stand such a load, and the wallet – too. It is easier to buy powdered protein and make cocktails with water, juice or milk. They will be a convenient addition to the usual diet.

Bodybuilders consume weight gainers along with proteins. These are carbohydrate cocktails that are necessary to maintain the digestive tract in normal conditions. Without them, it is easy to earn intestinal upset.

There are other supplements. For example, vitamins and minerals for cartilage, ligaments, bones. All this is necessary if the body is exposed to increased physical exertion. Without additives it will be difficult.

Who needs supplements?
In general, any athletes, if the sport is associated with great physical exertion. This is not only weightlifters. It is extremely important to use dietary supplements when doing athletics, swimming, martial arts, game sports (football, basketball, etc.).

Dietary supplements contribute to the diet only if the normal diet is not able to compensate for the lack of necessary substances in the body. Children who attend the section, and those who are just starting to engage in any sport, supplements are not required: they only harm. Over time, they can be introduced into the diet, if necessary.

Sports nutrition as a special diet
Sports nutrition, its purpose and goals

Food can be sports and without dietary supplements. For example, if you have already gained muscle and are at the stage of drying in bodybuilding, protein shakes are optional. But you still have to follow some recommendations. For example, to reduce the amount of fat and water to a minimum, eat slow carbohydrates and proteins, which are processed for a long time.

It is difficult to identify any general principles of sports nutrition. In each case, your diet is selected. Nutritionists working with athletes adhere to only two installations:

The diet should help the athlete achieve a certain result. Most often we are talking about competitions and prizes.

Ideally, the diet should be healthy and beneficial to the body. All harmful products and dishes are excluded from it: fatty, spicy, salted. In short, all those that can lead to problems in the near future.
A competently made menu helps an athlete to develop his body, achieve certain indicators and triumph in competitions. Products serve as a source of energy and substances for building and renewing cells of muscle, cartilage and bone tissues.

Is sports nutrition good for everyone?
Even if it is a question of a diet and usual products, but not food additives, it is necessary to treat sports food with care. Diets that are developed by professional nutritionists for a particular athlete or sport, are suitable only for certain groups of people. So, if you do not go to the gym and do not work at home, you should not lean on protein foods and drink protein shakes. If you do not like sports at all and prefer passive rest, it is better not to increase the number of calories, as weightlifters do: instead of a pumped body, you will get overweight and fat.

For those who are engaged in sports and would like to get the best results, sports nutrition is suitable. Start with a diet, for example, ordering delivery of special dishes to the house, then, if necessary, enter dietary supplements.

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Sports nutrition, its purpose and goals
The term "sports nutrition" is known to all. Largely due to a wide range of dietary supplements, which are sold in specialty stores. Geynera, powdered proteins, amino acids, even fish…