Sport after forty: tips and tricks
If your age is close to forty years old, and you just decided to play sports, first of all, consult with doctors. Pay special attention to blood pressure and pulse…

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Fitness will prepare us on the sea
Spring came and around the gyms and fitness clubs grows like mushrooms in the rain, a huge queue of those who want to lose weight or just bring themselves into…

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Sports at home
All, without exception, dream of a slim figure. But, unfortunately, for many reasons, not everyone can afford to visit gyms, swimming pools or fitness centers. There are some not difficult…

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How to organize morning runs in order not to overload the body

What to do if you have reached your ceiling, limits. It happens, you run, you run, and here you are tired. Because there is no progress, but all that you receive in return for your efforts, fatigue and pain.

Beginners often say that after several months of hard training, adding kilometers to the daily run and minutes to the total workout time, they run into their ceiling. They simply cannot run faster, longer or better. Running is not as cool as it was at the beginning. But no, at the very beginning, running was not very good, if you started being a fat and dull type, and you already reached the limit on the supposedly peak of your form, in any case, the ambush is that this is not the peak. But this is not the ceiling. This is an ambush, which does not need to fall!

A few correct changes in your workouts and everything will change for the better.

Ambush first. I get tired while jogging, start losing speed.

Relax a little run every day, and every other day, add a little walks to your runs. You can start and finish your run with a walk from one to three minutes. If after this you still have unpleasant symptoms, contact a specialist, you probably need to eat more foods that contain iron and B vitamins. You should get exact advice from a doctor.

The second ambush. I can not run faster.

Add speed work items to your daily workouts (acceleration, deceleration, intervals). Also, do not miss the opportunity to diversify your workout plan for the week with long runs, the weekend will be very useful for a start. Working with accelerations will normalize your respiratory system, and long runs will prepare the body for stress, increase endurance and strengthen your character. Be sure to rest a day after a long run or speed exercises.

Third ambush. I run out of steam at long distances.

Slow down their long runs. Add mileage a little bit. Add to your workout more breaks with walks. Relax and enjoy. Add breaks to walk at least every three minutes, most importantly, follow the progress. For example, add two to three kilometers every two weeks.

The tricks and subtleties of training from the last forces

Here you are already running out of your last strength, the training is almost over, idiotic working day too. But then something clicks in your head and you are completely exhausted. Nothing wrong with that stupid psychology. Muscles still hoo what they can. Amuse yourself further: make yourself a check of two hundred meters, another three hundred meters, another five minutes for how much is enough for you. In the end, you can always ask yourself the question: if I stop now, how will I get home on foot? No, walk long.

Repeat a special spell. Firmly mantra, burchi about sore, angry at everyone and everything, rejoice in life or just something head math always help you. The main thing is that something is constantly in your head and does not interfere with running. Think. Or speak. Actually, it’s not bad to say something motivating. Or cheer on your legs. Like this: “Feet! Feet, run! Work your feet, the sun is still high! One time, one time! ”. Well, or something in this spirit fantasize. You can entertain yourself with podcasts, if you are not running around the city, they always talk there, discuss … talk radio will also work. But it’s all an amateur. In general, see for yourself what you are and what is your choice for the situation.

Imagine that you are running now in some important race, a responsible event, whatever one may say. And now you can not give up, stop, go the distance. You need to rush to victory, win, climb the pedestal, shake a bottle of champagne, get a medal of all to taste. Fix in your head the picture to which you aspire, in which you see for yourself the place for which you started all this. Remember everything carefully. And just do your job. Nobody will do it for you.

85% of athletes never went the distance during the race.
70% of people who are interested in jogging believe that even a bad run will not spoil their day, in any case, time is not wasted.
63% of cool guys will never eat pills to run better.
46% of runners say that during long-distance running, their brain first fails, and what happens to the body afterwards is not their problem.
40% of athletes have never been disrupted during training or competition.
These are all the results of some kind of survey, which, in fact, is not important just mathematics in order to occupy your brain.

So think about it, think carefully, and the pain will fade into the background. Make sure your shoulder girdle is relaxed, your back is straight, your leg movements correct, straight and focused, breathing even and deep. Check everything carefully and recheck. While you are busy with this, some of the distance will already rush into the past.

Well, do not forget about the promotion. For an excellent workout you need to get a reward, negotiate with yourself, I do not know what you want for an extra kilometer or two.

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