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Vibration platforms for sports

With age, staying in good shape is more and more difficult, so the sport and fitness industry comes to the rescue, which offers various devices and gadgets to keep track of your health. And today we will talk about one of the new products – vibrating platforms.

Vibration platforms – a type of simulators that provide a load effect due to vibration. Shaking with a frequency of about 25 to 60 Hertz, thanks to the amplitude movements, the platform causes the body to change position and involves all the muscles. For half an hour, such a platform can replace a couple of hours in the gym, in addition, it is often equipped with other additional exercise equipment – expanders for strength work, which will make the load complex.

Features and benefits
Vibration platforms belong to the so-called passive simulators – that is, the person himself does not need to make an effort to move the load or move. It is enough to stand on the platform and turn it on, the rest will be made by an innate sense of balance and gravity.

From here several pluses:

compactness (having bought home, it can be placed in any room);
a good price range for selection (the market presents both professional models with an abundance of modes, and more simple options);
ergonomic design;
additional functions (the presence of expanders, rubber for stretching, etc.);
ease of use (no need to pre-pick the load, install or move the levers, etc.).
True, it is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy and for persons suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal system (for obvious reasons).

Tips for choosing
By purchasing a vibroplatform for yourself, you can go to a good fitness club or shop in advance, and study the purchase clearly. This will allow you to understand not only how the subject fits into your environment, but also, more importantly, its size. And you need this in order to understand how comfortable it is for you to personally engage.

Also, when choosing, you need to consider:
manufacturing company – China recently produces a number of analogs that are not too inferior in quality to more eminent manufacturers;

the presence of several modes – slower vibrations are suitable for the start of training, warm-up and stretching, then it is desirable to switch to intensive work;

Additional functions – it is good if the simulator has a built-in memory that will reduce the time spent on preparing for training;

the availability of documentation – the more detailed and colorful it will be, the easier it will be to deal with.

Who needs a vibroplatform?
Novelties of the fitness industry, of course, primarily attract professionals who must always stay in shape. This invention is a good way to save time in the hall, because, according to the authors, 10-15 minutes on the platform will replace the good hour of the hall.

In addition, it will be useful and very green for beginners – with a lot of weight or workload it is very difficult to force yourself to play sports. By purchasing a platform home, you can engage in the evening without leaving the park for a run.

Summarizing, we can say that soon vibroplatforms will become as useful accessory for the halls as treadmills.

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