Sports at home
All, without exception, dream of a slim figure. But, unfortunately, for many reasons, not everyone can afford to visit gyms, swimming pools or fitness centers. There are some not difficult…

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Why do you need sports nutrition
In order to achieve the best sports results, sports nutrition is added to your diet not only by amateurs who take part in various power sports disciplines, but also athletes…

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5 reasons to play sports
Why go in for sports? It has long been believed that exercise can replace drugs, because sports are the prevention of many diseases, as well as an excellent antidepressant. Many…

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How to start running? Tips for beginners

Running is the most popular and probably the most accessible sport. Someone runs to lose weight, someone wants to improve their health, improve their physical and moral condition. All the necessary equipment for running is desire and sneakers, but there are still some subtleties that will protect you from mistakes. We will now analyze these subtleties so that you get only positive aspects from running.

Where is better to run?
The most acceptable place to run is a forest or park area, which is located away from the roads. Running in fresh air enriched with oxygen will bring the most benefit. If the weather does not allow you to enjoy a run, or there is no suitable place near your home, you can train at home or in the gym. However, if you plan to train at home, you will have to buy a treadmill.

What clothes to choose?
The first principle on which you need to choose clothes for running is convenience. Clothing should not restrain movement. The second principle is that the fabric should be natural and breathable well.

The most important thing in running gear is running shoes. Choose lightweight models with a soft sole. Shoes should be comfortable, the effectiveness of training directly depends on it.

When to run?
In the morning the most acceptable time is from 06:30 to 07:30, days from 11:00 to 12:00 and in the evening between 16:00 and 18:00. At this time, our body is most receptive to training.

Warming up is an important and integral part of any workout. It is necessary to do several exercises to warm up the muscles, then start walking, gradually increasing the pace, and slowly go to a run.

How to run?
It is necessary to run without sudden jerks. It is also very important to follow the breath. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Eliminate any talk, as they knock your breath. Run at one pace, make sure that your feet gently fell on the asphalt. Bend your elbows and hold at chest level. Be calm and enjoy a run. Rhythmic music in headphones will help keep the desired rhythm.

What should be the duration of training?
The optimal time for jogging is approximately one hour, but it is worth starting from 15-20 minutes to train. You can alternate running with active walking. This is more effective if your goal is to lose weight.

How often to repeat the workout?
2 workouts per week – the optimal frequency for beginners. Gradually, you can increase the number of workouts to 5. Do not run every day, because our body needs rest.

How fast should you run?
Speed ​​in running is individual. Running should not bring discomfort. The most optimal speed is the speed at which the pulse is accelerated by about 50%.

Unfortunately, running has a lot of contraindications, such as flatfoot, respiratory diseases, diseases of the joints. Before starting workouts, be sure to consult your doctor.

End of training
It is very important not to end the run abruptly. Gradually remove the pace and go on walking. It takes a few minutes, and only then can you stop.

To restore the water balance in the body you need to drink a glass of clean water after training.

Regularly going out for a jog, you can forget about problems with excess weight, insomnia, strengthen immunity and willpower, and of course, lift your spirits. The main thing is not to neglect the rules and listen to your body.

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