What prevents you from doing sports regularly?
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Sports nutrition, its purpose and goals
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Creatine: what it is and how it works

Every successful athlete monitors their diet, and accepts certain nutritional supplements.

Creatine was discovered three centuries ago. Even in those days, its positive effects on the human body were noticed. At the moment, this compound is taken to increase endurance and strength. In this article you will learn what creatine is useful for, as well as a lot of other useful information about this substance.

Main characteristics
Creatine is a nitrogenous compound of certain elements that positively affect the energy state of the human body. The energy in muscle fibers accumulates in the form of creatine phosphate. The latter, splitting increases muscle strength.

Creatine is found in fish and meat. Inside the human body, this compound is produced naturally in the pancreas, liver and kidneys. To put it simply, creatine is an acid that contains the following amino acids:

1. Methionine.

2. Glycine.

3. Arginine.

The considered connection has a simple and clear principle of operation. Creatine has a neutralizing effect on the acids produced by the body during intensive training, and leading to muscle fatigue.

The daily norm produced by the body itself is not enough for people involved in sports. Reception of additional creatine raises a tone, and gives strength. This leads to improved athletic performance.

The use of creatine brings the following effects:

1. Allows you to significantly increase the level of strength and endurance.

2. Is the engine to increase muscle mass. A two-week intake of creatine allows you to gain from three to five kilograms. This is due to the lower consumption of glycogen by the human body.

3. Increases the amount of testosterone.

The effect of creatine on the athlete’s body is very tangible. And it manifests itself quite quickly.

Creatine: how to take right?
The need for taking creatine arises in cases where an athlete significantly increases the load to improve their athletic performance. As a result, the muscles lose almost all their energy during the exercise, and there is no longer enough strength to repeat.

Reception of additional creatine will allow to correct this situation. The athlete will have more energy. The regimen of the compound in question is fairly simple. There is nothing difficult in it.

The daily dose is recommended to be divided into two doses. However, there are other patterns of creatine intake. They look like this:

1. Take creatine for the first five days, one teaspoon four times a day. This pattern of use is called “with loading.” It gives almost instant effect, noticeable already at the first training.

2. The standard regimen includes creatine intake of two to five grams daily. The effect of it will appear later. This usually happens after about four weeks.

The use of creatine does not lead to any side effects. The negative consequences of taking this substance can manifest itself only in those people who have an individual intolerance to the components of the compound.

Take creatine in the form of courses. Constant intake of a substance is capable of causing the muscles to become addicted to it. As a result, the beneficial effect of the substance may be significantly reduced.

Many athletes are interested in the question: what is to dilute creatine? This substance is relatively slowly absorbed by the human body. During its delivery to the muscle cells, the substance can disintegrate. To speed up the process of transporting the compound to the muscle cells it is necessary to use a gainer, or juice.

Why creatine for sports can not act?
There are cases when the compound in question does not have any positive effect on the athlete’s body. This is usually due to improper reception. The most common errors are the following:

1. The pre-training dose of the substance is too small. Reception of creatine in the amount of 1 to 2 grams is unlikely to bring the expected result. In addition, the irregular use of the compound also significantly reduces the effect. You need to take at least 5 grams of a substance per day. The first week can be consumed at 20 grams per day, dividing them into four equal doses. Then reduce the daily ration to 5 grams.

2. Incorrectly selected type of creatine. There are several types of substance. You can take creatine nitrate, monohydrate or HCL. We recommend to try all the listed options. The main thing is not to take them at the same time. So you can choose the most effective option for you. Experts believe that the best creatine – monohydrate.

3. Ignored cyclical use. In order for the body to produce 5 grams of creatine a day, you need to eat 1.5 kg of meat or fish daily. It is much more efficient to use special drugs. In addition, you need to take creatine on a regular basis.

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