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Yoga for beginners. What is worth knowing?
If we consider the meaning of the term “yoga”, we need to understand that this is not just one type of physical activity, but a full-fledged lifestyle, by adhering to…

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Yoga for beginners. What is worth knowing?

If we consider the meaning of the term “yoga”, we need to understand that this is not just one type of physical activity, but a full-fledged lifestyle, by adhering to which one can achieve enlightenment. In essence, this is a very ancient teaching, telling about the essence of human life.

Yoga, over time, can drastically change your life, a person eventually gives up bad and bad habits and things, he begins to control his feelings and reaches mental equilibrium. The human soul can become perfect only when it does not depend on its own feelings and can concentrate its attention.

Do not take yoga as a set of asanas, because then it will be just an ordinary gymnastics and will not bring the desired effect. Yoga is a complex technique that includes various exercises that normalize the body’s work and improve the health of the physical and mental.

What is the use of yoga for the body
Anyone who regularly pays attention to yoga for more than a month can already feel its positive influence on them. It is enough to pay classes only a few hours a week.

Yoga improves the condition of absolutely all systems of the human body. When a person performs asanas correctly, all internal organs are massaged, and the blood flow around them improves.

Regular asana performance will help make the body more plastic and flexible. In addition, yoga can correct posture, eliminate pain in the joints and make the female walk more beautiful and graceful.

Meditation increases the resistance of immunity to various diseases, significantly reducing the risk of problems with the cardiovascular system.

Yoga fills a person with such an important vital energy, helps him to become more confident, calm and not subject to stressful states.

Everyone can choose yoga as physical activity, but these exercises have a number of contraindications. The following are cases in which you should consult with your doctor before practicing yoga:

– schizophrenia, mental disorders;
– inguinal hernia;
– the first year after a stroke;
– diseases of the cardiovascular system, the post-infarction period;
– high intracranial or arterial pressure;
– postoperative condition;
– oncology;
– flu or colds, which occur with fever;
– spinal injuries;
– diseases of the joints;
– exacerbated diseases of internal organs.
If after a workout you get worse, then you should immediately stop practicing yoga and consult a doctor. Women can not perform asanas during menstruation, as well as in late pregnancy.

Yoga for beginners. What is worth knowing?

For beginners, the basics of hatha yoga are most often taught, aimed at preparing the body for more complex exercises. This is a kind of gymnastic complex, which gives basic skills for choosing the direction of yoga, which will be more like.

Yoga video tutorials for beginners is a great opportunity to learn how to move and control your breathing correctly.

Video tutorials will help you learn how to properly perform asanas. Remember that yoga is not a sport, so success in it can be achieved only after a mental attitude and awareness of its necessity.

Performing exercises is very important to monitor the location of the spine, because it is considered the energy and physical basis of the human body. Hatha yoga asanas help to work out the spine, so it is important to ensure that it does not overwork and distort. The correct technique will help greatly facilitate the work with the joints.

Yoga asanas additionally load all joints in the human body. But such exercises will bring benefit only if the spine is correctly positioned and basic respiratory techniques are used.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-practice
What are the benefits of self-study at home? You do not have to spend time on the road to the fitness center, if there is no one near the house. You can choose the most convenient period of time, because the schedule of the club and the instructor do not affect your schedule. You can also pick up your favorite musical compositions and make up your own program of classes.

But there are also drawbacks to video lessons. You will not have the opportunity to ask the coach an exciting question. Performing asanas in a group is always a general positive mood and moral support. In addition, not all people can practice independently, some need time to get used to the loads.

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