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Protein shake for weight loss

More recently, a protein shake was associated only with images of strong men who do not crawl out of the gym. With this drink, athletes build muscle mass. Today, in the era of striving for slender forms and sitting on all sorts of diets, protein shake has become an effective means for losing weight. How does this work? Let’s understand in detail.

What is a protein shake
It is a product characterized by a balanced combination of plant and animal proteins. They are the ideal material for building muscle cells. Therefore, subject to active training, calories are not deposited as fat, but as a much more aesthetically appealing muscle mass.

In the case of lack of exercise, you should not rely on the growth of muscle mass. However, those who use protein shake for weight loss this most often do not need. The main goal will still be achieved – the fats will gradually melt, like snow in the April sun, and the figure will get the desired turned outlines.

How a protein shake helps lose weight: the benefits of a drink
Protein shake – low-calorie product. Especially if you dilute it with water, not milk. As part of a light drink, there are practically no fats and carbohydrates, the overwhelming mass fraction falls on protein. One portion of the protein shake is able to satisfy one third of the adult’s daily protein requirement.

Proteins quickly cause a feeling of fullness. After serving a cocktail, the hunger retreats for a long time. Therefore, the drink is quite capable of replacing a full meal.

Protein shake is very easy to prepare. In the case of an acute shortage of cooking time, in the presence of a mixer or a shaker, in just a few minutes a satisfying tasty drink will be ready, which, due to its low calorie content, will also make the silhouette more slender and graceful. It is also easy to use a meal replacement.

Finally, it is worth mentioning another advantage of protein shakes. They are very tasty, drink their pleasure. Banana, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla … Today it will not be difficult to choose the option that you like the most.

Protein shake for weight loss, reviews of which filled the Internet, according to the general opinion has a number of advantages. The only drawback the majority mentions is the rather high price of the product.

Protein shake: instructions for use
In order for the protein shake to fully perform all its functions and become an effective means of overweight control, it is necessary to learn more about the proper handling of it.

Firstly, the water used to dilute the product should in no case be hot. High temperatures significantly impair protein digestibility.

The proportions of dilution liquid and powder are not so important, but still you should not deviate much from the following ratio: 30 g of powder (this is just a scoop) for 200-300 ml of water or milk of minimum fat content.

It is advisable to immediately use the diluted cocktail. And it should be done between meals, but not with food. Athletes usually take it after exercise.

The big mistake of losing weight is to replace absolutely all meals with protein shakes. Low-calorie drink, dulling the feeling of hunger, seems to them a panacea in the fight for a slim figure. In no case should this be done. In all it is necessary to observe moderation, on the day, an adult is enough for two servings of a cocktail (a little more for athletes). But the daily diet in any case would be good to reconsider from the position of principles of proper nutrition.

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