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What sport to choose for those over 40?

After going through the forty-year boundary, the person’s life processes slow down. Therefore, it is necessary to pay due attention to sports and exercise. Many people think that after 40 years it is too late to play sports. But it is not. Even if you have not done anything before, the need to increase physical exertion is necessary. You just need to understand that you are not so young, and pick up the load, the appropriate state of your health.

Before you begin to engage, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor. And if you are overweight, then with a nutritionist.

Choose a sport that you will need to do according to the following principles:
1) Classes should be fun.

2) The principle of gradualism. In no case can not force the pace, intensity, number of workouts.

3) It is advisable to include in the workout exercises on all muscle groups. But it is possible to divide the workouts so that one day to train two muscle groups, and on the second day the next two muscle groups. For example: Monday – back and chest, Tuesday – legs and press.

4) Fear all sorts of diets. Just need to reconsider your diet. Replace harmful products with useful ones.

5) Harden. Be sure to take a warm shower after a workout, and finish it with a contrast shower.

6) Cleansing. Periodically perform cleansing procedures. First of all it concerns the cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract.

7) The most important thing is a psychological attitude. So that the lessons do not become yours, you need to prepare for them. To do this, you can meditate a little, you can do a few exercises autogenic training. Find your technique and apply it daily.

Sports that are best for middle and older people.
The sport that you will be engaged in is very easy to choose. It all depends on the goals you set yourself. If it is maintaining the body in good shape, then it is best to choose:

1) Yoga is the most democratic system that will help maintain the flexibility of your muscles and the elasticity of joints

2) Running is an excellent choice for healing the heart system. Only without violence against themselves.

3) Swimming is useful for everyone. It helps with weight loss.

4) Cycling – as an addition to other types, very good. Excellent work on the muscles of the legs. But they can not do all year round.

5) Athleticism is one of the most powerful sports. In one year, you can transform beyond recognition. Just follow the principle of gradualism, and do not use chemistry.

6) Walking is the most accessible sport. The main thing in the daily, at least an hour of training.

Those who pursue the goal of losing weight, choose mobile sports: callanetics, Pilates or aerobics. But in any case, whatever you choose, it will benefit you and make you much younger than your peers.

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