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What prevents you from doing sports regularly?
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The benefits of daily runs

Of all the types of physical activity that is useful both for health and for a slim figure, daily runs are among the most popular. The main advantage of running over other types of physical activity in its wide availability. At the same time, the beneficial effect is very many-sided.

So, how do daily runs run on quality of life:

Regular running leads to the whole body’s tone: immunity increases, metabolism, lymph accelerates (the main task of which is to cleanse the body of viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi, etc.), thanks to cardiovascular activity, the cardiovascular system is activated.

It helps to get rid of excess weight, strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and legs. Weight loss occurs due to the intense burning of calories, on average, from 600 to 800 calories are burned at an average pace per hour of jogging, depending on the person’s weight and the intensity of the load.

Improving lung function, activating the excretory system, removing excess salts from the body. Sometimes, in the early stages of training, a runny nose, sputum production, excessive sweating can be observed. This should not be frightened, on the contrary, this leaves excess mucus from the body, toxins. After cleansing the body and getting used to this type of physical activity, the purification process will not be as intense and, therefore, unpleasant.

A way to relieve stress, get rid of insomnia
Improve brain function. Strange as it may sound, for a person who is far from science, modern scientists have proven a positive connection between cognitive abilities (learning abilities, memory, perception) and daily runs.

Improving mood (occurs due to the release of several hormones responsible for joy).

Useful for women (removes congestion in the pelvis) and men’s health (allows you to increase the production of the hormone testosterone).

daily run

Improves posture
Despite the huge number of advantages of running, there is a category of people to whom it is either completely contraindicated, or allowed only within limited limits.

Running should be completely excluded people:

with injuries of the spine, knees, diseases of the joints;
a patient with tuberculosis, bronchial asthma;
pregnant women: late, doing runs too fast, without first consulting a doctor;
having serious diseases of the genitourinary system;
with heart disease, angina pectoris, hypertension;
patients who have not yet recovered after surgery;
pregnant women: late, performing runs too fast, without first consulting a doctor.
In addition, for the greatest benefit, the prevention of injuries or any other undesirable consequences should follow some recommendations:

you need to calculate your own pace of running, at which the speed will not shorten the duration of the daily run, and when stretched, the number and pace of runs should be reduced and you can use kinesio tapes;
the duration of jogging should last an average of 30-40 minutes (at least);
alternate the deceleration and acceleration of the pace;
prefer jogging in the morning, running in the evening (in the morning the air is much cleaner and fresher, and the body consumes it when running in maximum quantities).
And most importantly, get from daily runs not only benefit, but also pleasure.

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