Vibration platforms for sports
With age, staying in good shape is more and more difficult, so the sport and fitness industry comes to the rescue, which offers various devices and gadgets to keep track…

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Simple exercises for morning exercises
Sport is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. And morning gymnastics as nothing better helps to wake up and tune in to an active working rhythm. But even avid…

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Yoga: a healthy body and clarity of consciousness
Many people think that yoga is a kind of sect where people throw their legs behind their heads, sleep on nails and meditate for weeks. They do not eat meat,…

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Types of physical activity available to everyone

Morning exercises are recommended for all ages from birth (all exercises are performed by the mother) and ending in deep old age. It does not require physical training, special shells and facilities.

Best morning hygienic exercises performed after waking up and before breakfast. For a young age, this is a set of exercises performed after getting out of bed, for the elderly and weakened by illness, lying in a bed. The value for the body is difficult to overestimate. Exercise helps a person to wake up. Stimulate the active work of all body systems, prepare for the working day. Give cheerfulness and good mood. Try to perform it daily for 2 weeks and you will be surprised at how vigorous your condition and good mood can be.

The easiest way to load the body for which nothing is needed (except for sportswear suitable for practice) is available to every age group, regardless of whether a person lives in a city or in a village. He trained or not.

Increases stamina, resistance to catarrhal diseases, Normalizes weight, pressure, appetite. For the elderly, it is often the only sport.

Efficiency is higher than that of walking, but not suitable for people with limited mobility due to disability or serious condition and the elderly. More pronounced effect for weight loss.

Does not require special training and equipment. Enough sport mat. It is recommended to perform in the open air and start with the simplest exercises. Promotes osteomuscular system, increases flexibility and endurance. Varieties of articular and respiratory complexes are ideal for the elderly and those suffering from heart and respiratory diseases.

Games with children
Buy a ball, bike or scooter for your child and spend more time with him, playing and walking. It will be a wonderful pastime for both you and the child.

The effect is higher than from employment on land due to the influence of water. In the water, ideal classes for people suffering from back pain (except for the acute period of the disease), overweight and for pregnant women. In addition to physical effort, the massage effect of water and a stronger effect on the psycho-emotional sphere have a beneficial effect. Also contributes to hardening.

Higher cardio training than walking. An additional advantage is the hardening of the body.

Additional physical activity are various outdoor games. Thanks to which you can have fun and usefully spend your holidays with friends and family. Choose for yourself what you like. It is important to remember one rule, any exercise in sports should not bring pronounced discomfort and cause pain. Do sports. Stay active. Enjoy life.

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