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Running for better health

Human health is in his own hands. You can either lose it or become a physically developed person. Physical culture and sports have a huge impact on health, ability to work, has a health value.

Why give preference to recreational running, rather than other physical exertion?
Running load is freely measured by tension and duration, taking into account the anthropometric data of the person.

Regular exercise – this leads to a decrease in the load on the left ventricle.

During training, basic muscle groups are involved in the case, conditions are created for a long and dynamic activity of literally all parts of the body.

In regular jogging, the vascular system becomes more developed.

Its special advantage in accessibility for people of different ages and degrees of preparedness.

Wellness running is a combination of various elements of physical culture, psychology and hygiene. It seems to be an elementary ordinary way of moving in any kind of weather and season.

With apparent ease, running is an effective way of influencing the musculoskeletal system.

On jogging, blood emission increases by about fifty milliliters. Also under the influence of training increases the number of capillaries in the muscle tissue. The mobility of the sternum and pelvis massages the organs of the digestive tract, which has a good effect on the body.

Undoubtedly, curative interference running on the nervous system. Impulses from moving parts excite the subcortical centers of the brain. Ensuring the preservation of high spirits. When overcoming obstacles, a person surrounds himself with an atmosphere of serenity.

The technique of jogging is individual, but the same condition will be rationality and thrift movements. Running without too much stress is not an easy skill.

So, the technique is as follows: the case has a vertical state; upper body musculature relaxed; breathing is arbitrary, through the nose.

The golden rule of running is pleasure. No need to run at full strength, at the limit.

A little about the mode. There are many options for training schedules on the Internet, but if it’s not possible to stick to one of them, then you can run at a comfortable time, albeit not often. Do not forget about the drinking mode and diet.

Time for classes should also be convenient. But it is advisable not to engage in two hours before bedtime and immediately after waking up.

The advantage of running is the freedom to choose the area for training.

Shoes should be comfortable, close-fitting, on the high heel, softening the blows of the sole, mainly around the heel.

Today, stores have a huge selection of sports shoes, both professional and amateur, so there should be no problems in this aspect. If you need new sneakers, then more details here you can read about them and select the appropriate model.

The main requirement for clothing – comfort. It should be airy and not impede body movements. Classes are accompanied by a huge heat production, so you should not wear extra clothes. To protect against adverse weather, you should wear a waterproof jacket over it, as well as a hat and gloves.

Warm up should include walking, developmental exercises, even for groups of muscles that are not involved in running. There are special for the lower extremities.

Finally. When practicing, you should definitely follow three points: no – smoking, no – alcohol, yes – proper nutrition.

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