Creatine: what it is and how it works
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How to start running: 10 tips for beginners
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You will not overtake yourself. How to run?

Despite the fact that, at first glance, running seems to be an ordinary kind of sport, for productive running training, theoretical knowledge of its fundamentals is needed, which will be discussed now.

Technique running.
The correct position of the body and the setting of the foot during the run will eliminate the occurrence of sprains, fractures and other injuries characteristic of the run, and also allows the runner to spend less strength and energy.

The body must be level or slightly tilted forward. The main mistake of all beginners when the body collapses back, thereby complicating the run of gravity. Shoulders should be lowered and relaxed. When they are stressed, extra energy is consumed.

There are several basic ways of setting the foot: just on the toe, on the full foot, roll from heel to toe and from the toe on the full foot. The choice of the method of setting the foot depends on the distance, run time and physical indicators of the runner.

Rolling from heel to toe is considered suitable for beginners, as it is the easiest of all. But when using this technique, you should choose the right and comfortable shoes to protect yourself from damage and ensure a comfortable run. When running long distances, setting the foot from the toe to the full foot is considered the most effective, and for short distances – putting on the toe, but this technique is rather complicated, therefore, it is mainly used by professionals. The most difficult is running on a complete foot, because of its specificity, it is fraught with serious injuries.

Basics of breathing.
First, it must occur both in the nose and mouth at the same time. When breathing through the nose, oxygen is absorbed better, but it should be borne in mind that for breathing with one nose you need to have well-developed nasal breathing, besides, the amount of air entering through the nose may not be enough with fast running and heavy loads. And when breathing occurs both through the nose and through the mouth, the body is replenished with both easily digestible oxygen and those that are more difficult to digest, which guarantees the full functioning of the body.

Secondly, you should not try to synchronize the frequency of breathing with the steps. You need to listen to your body, inhale and exhale with the frequency that is comfortable.

Thirdly, breathing must be remembered from the very beginning, because with uncontrolled respiration, you can already begin to suffocate half way.

Time and place.
Beginners should not run long hours at once, it is desirable to gradually increase the load. The first months you can run through the day, the time will be enough for about half an hour. Determining the appropriate time of day for jogging is based on chronotype, given when the activity is at its peak. If you are a morning person, the morning is better for you, if the owl is an evening. You can also run during the day, but in the warmer months the day is usually very hot, so it’s best to think a few times before exposing your body to high temperatures, which together with physical exertion will adversely affect the body.

Another important part of the cross-country training is the venue for them. Allowed to run on the ground, asphalt, grass, sand, at the stadium on specialized paths. A good option is a periodic change of terrain. This allows you to use additional muscle groups, as their involvement in the work may vary depending on the complexity of the selected surface.

The main thing is to remember that any kind of physical activity should bring only benefit and pleasure.

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