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Types of cardiovascular equipment

The desire to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle swept the entire civilized world in the second half of the 1980s, when the harm from excessive food consumption and lack of physical exertion was finally proved. In addition, slim and slim body came into fashion.

This “fitness revolution”, as it was called by contemporaries, led to the emergence and active development of cardiovascular equipment, which are designed to replace physical activity on the street – homework. Such devices make it possible not to breathe exhaust gases while running around the city, and also to combine the most diverse sports in one single hall.

The main goal of cardiovascular equipment is to make the heart muscle to contract with a certain frequency, and also to develop a certain group of muscles: legs, waist, chest, arms, and others. If a person wants to achieve not only weight loss and improvement of body tone, but also to work out certain muscles, he needs to carefully select a simulator, this source of information will help.

These are a versatile sports device designed to simulate fast walking or running. In order to stimulate the body to burn calories, an intense run is required, which will saturate the lungs with oxygen and cause the heart muscle to contract. In addition, running exercises stimulate the endurance of the heart and respiratory system.

The treadmill has about ten variations of radio programs, which can be even more effective in the case of pulse sensors or heartbeats. Thus, the program built into the mechanism will show the results of the training and help to correct them.

The only drawback of running exercises is the high load on the feet, knees and lower back, which is not suitable for people with spinal problems or joints of the legs.

Elliptical trainers
This is a simulator of unusual design, which is characterized by the absence of shock loads on the joints and bones. Elliptical mechanisms are divided into two main types: with handles for working on the upper body and with a footrest and without handles for working out.

The first type allows you to strain the muscles of the back, chest and arms, and the second is designed specifically for the legs and pelvis.

A variety of loads are much more useful than the same. Therefore, to increase the efficiency of burning calories, you should choose elliptical cardiovascular equipment with handles for the upper body.

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Exercise bikes
Cycling through the city brings dubious health benefits, since intense inhalation of exhaust gases and dust can aggravate the condition of the lungs and the whole body in the long run. In addition, the bike is inconvenient to store and maintain in a city apartment.

That is why a more convenient, effective and useful alternative in the form of an exercise bike was developed. It is equipped with a mechanism to increase the resistance of the pedals, as well as a large number of cardioprograms, which focus on heart rate readings, which allows a person to withstand the correct load throughout the workout and to achieve the right result. There are two types of exercise bikes: with the back and front back.

Rowing machines
Such a mechanism is intended to imitate rowing in a kayak, which brings to work the most diverse muscle groups: legs, arms, girdles, backs, shoulders, and even the abs. In addition to the force on the muscles, which strengthens them and promotes growth. The main advantage of this simulator is serious cardio loads on the body.

Thanks to its use, you can seriously work out the relief of the muscles described above and make yourself a beautiful body, and not just burn those extra calories. The main thing is to master the technique of training on it, so that cardio exercises do not turn into power, and vice versa. Modern simulators with software allow you to choose the optimal level of resistance, which will allow you to perform a particular sports task, which will increase the effectiveness of training.

Unfortunately, this mechanism is not suitable for people with an injured spine, as it can contribute to the aggravation of injuries.

Vibratory platforms
At first glance it may seem that the vibroplatform is another marketing trick of charlatans who sell to people who do not want to play sports, but who want to lose weight and get fit, is another useless mechanism. But this is not so: the vibroplatform was invented in the USSR in the 1960s for astronauts – for the rehabilitation of muscles that atrophied after a long flight.

The device creates vibrations, in response to which the human muscles begin to reflexively contract and relax with a frequency of up to 50 times per second. As a result, heartbeat quickens and calories are burned.

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