physical activity

12 tips on how to change your attitude to physical activity
If it is better for you to take out a bucket of garbage from the house, than to do physical exercises, you should know that you are not alone in…

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Homework on the wall horizontal bar
Today, sports are very popular, because many people want to look fit and have good health. However, not everyone in the bustle of working days can go to the gym…

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How to organize morning runs in order not to overload the body
What to do if you have reached your ceiling, limits. It happens, you run, you run, and here you are tired. Because there is no progress, but all that you…

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Coaching role in personal training

For a newcomer who comes to a fitness club, it is difficult to do without a leader. However, the process of selecting an instructor that would fit the individual personality is also not easy. It should be remembered that any person who first appeared in the club is obliged to pick up a coach. There is no need to hurry with this, because the final result depends on the quality of training. A good specialist will develop a program of future classes, show how to perform various exercises, make up a diet. Continue reading

Types of cardiovascular equipment

The desire to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle swept the entire civilized world in the second half of the 1980s, when the harm from excessive food consumption and lack of physical exertion was finally proved. In addition, slim and slim body came into fashion.

This “fitness revolution”, as it was called by contemporaries, led to the emergence and active development of cardiovascular equipment, which are designed to replace physical activity on the street – homework. Continue reading

10 myths about sports and fitness, refuted by science

We all know a lot about sports. We think we know. For example, that sport helps to cope with stress, get rid of excess weight and low self-esteem. But around the sport there are many different myths, the most common of them will be discussed in our article.

Myth 1. To keep your body in good shape, 1-2 workouts per week are enough.
Experts say that to achieve the result you need to visit the fitness room at least 3 times a week. Continue reading

7 reasons why you should start running in the morning

Currently, a lot of people do morning runs. And this is a very good decision. Running in the morning just a couple of kilometers, people are gaining health and positive energy.

1. Positive energy.
For those who can not wake up very early and those who, for the sake of cheerfulness, must drink a cup of coffee, a twenty-minute jog will be very useful. During such activity, the body improves blood circulation and increases energy exchange, as a result of which a person will feel a surge of strength and energy. This procedure is much better than drinking coffee or energy drink. Continue reading

Sports nutrition, its purpose and goals

The term “sports nutrition” is known to all. Largely due to a wide range of dietary supplements, which are sold in specialty stores. Geynera, powdered proteins, amino acids, even fish oil and special carbohydrate pills – all this is called sports nutrition. There is another meaning. Under the sports nutrition understand and a special diet, which should adhere to people who are seriously involved in sports. Continue reading

Yoga for immunity
If you frequently catch a cold, it is likely that your weakened immune system cannot effectively resist viruses. International studies indicate that low physical activity lowers the resistance of the…


Fitness will prepare us on the sea
Spring came and around the gyms and fitness clubs grows like mushrooms in the rain, a huge queue of those who want to lose weight or just bring themselves into…


Running for better health
Human health is in his own hands. You can either lose it or become a physically developed person. Physical culture and sports have a huge impact on health, ability to…


How to improve speed while playing football
To become a professional in your work, you need to constantly improve your abilities and expand your knowledge. The same principle is used by football players who regularly train to…