physical activity

8 reasons to do fitness
Fitness helps to feel more energetic, easier to wake up, more time to do. In the embrace with sports, working days are easier transferred, the weekends are more fun, the…

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How to maintain strength and health in old age
What age changes are inevitable and which ones can be prevented by physical exercise? You can find out about it, having got acquainted with the results of studies of sports…

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Healthy food and active lifestyle
We all want to stay beautiful and young as long as possible. Most already know that beauty is directly dependent on the state of our body. Therefore, many people become…

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6 ways to motivate yourself for self-training

The problem with self-study is that there is no one who spurs you, forcing you to move on. Nothing prevents to stop at any moment, feeling a minute weakness. That is why many people prefer to use the services of a personal trainer or attend classes with a partner. Everything is much easier when there is a strict trainer who will not let you relax or a friend with whom you can compete in endurance and motivate each other. But what to do if you decide to practice without a coach, and a friend let you down at the last minute before training?

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5 reasons to play sports

Why go in for sports? It has long been believed that exercise can replace drugs, because sports are the prevention of many diseases, as well as an excellent antidepressant. Many who regularly engage in physical activity, note that after class the mood always rises, even if before that it was bad.

Also, daily sports for 15 minutes can prolong life by 3 years. Getting up 15 minutes earlier and doing simple exercises, it charges you for the whole day with energy. Continue reading

Sports at home

All, without exception, dream of a slim figure. But, unfortunately, for many reasons, not everyone can afford to visit gyms, swimming pools or fitness centers. There are some not difficult sports exercises which can be executed in house conditions.

Press workout
The main exercises, which are focused on all newcomers to training, is training the press. These exercises tighten the abdominal muscles, making it flat. Continue reading

Types of physical activity in women

Nothing is more dangerous than sitting down for a woman. Often, due to heavy workload or laziness, a woman refuses sports and activity during her free time and days off. It’s easier to lie on a bed, look through a magazine, or eat something sweet. At the same time, our body does not rest, but only is in pause mode, without receiving any benefit. But there are ways and types of physical activity that will not only improve health, but also give psychological joy to a woman. Continue reading

10 tips on how not to lose interest in training

Sports, fitness and, in general, any physical activity, require great willpower. But many of us do not have enough exposure. Patience literally “bursts” when we, without seeing the expected result right away, give up the idea of ​​going in for sports. But there are a few secrets that can help you keep a sporty mood.

You need to correctly define the task, set a goal, understand the motives that guide you to the gym. It would be nice to write down the answers to the question “Why do I need sports?” Continue reading

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